This painting hangs in the Great House of Duke's Plantation

Friday, March 16, 2012

Goodbye for another year, from My Bajan Gallery

Well dear friends its time for mamma and I to return home to Canada.  But,  before we go, I decided to post these two pictures from within my gallery.  Thank you to all our dear friends who have visited our gallery, and enjoyed tea with us and talked about art and life and whatever else.  I also thank the purchasers of my Bajan art. I have seen them hanging on the walls of homes in Barbados and feel honoured to think that you should join my family of art friends.

And, for the many people who visit this website, I thought I would end this winter's stay in Barbados by showing you a couple of walls within our Gallery to give you an idea of how nice one of my works would look on your wall.

Lynda and I welcome visitors to our gallery - but  visits are done by private arrangements, after we are contacted by email  and we have talked on the phone.  This makes the art experience personal.

In 2013,  I will be taking students who paint in acrylics, and even going out into Barbados, to paint on location.  Sounds like fun? Send an email to arrange for a place. My price in Canada is $25 per session but this is subject to change.

Until then - with all our best wishes

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