This painting hangs in the Great House of Duke's Plantation

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Free Spirit

I had fun painting Free Spirit. If  you take a good look at it, I will walk you through the mechanics of what makes this painting interesting.  First of all, take a look at the sky in the left side.  It flows into the trees and if you follow the movement you will eventually come to the tree trunk on your left side. Let your eye go down the trunk, and into the roots and into the shadows.  If you look up the waterline you will return to the sky.  See how I painted this as a great circle.  

Now look at the little boy who sits on top of the boat.  I have arranged the people standing in a triangle below the boy and this is like an arrowhead which points in his direction.

This is another story painting.  Its called Free Spirit, but whatever story you think lies behind this work is yours for the making.

stretched canvas
$1,000 US
$2,000 Bds

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