This painting hangs in the Great House of Duke's Plantation

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bringin in da Cane 2

Bringin' in da Cane, is the story from the Barbados of long ago. Here we see a cane worker, taking his, donkey pulled wagon of cane, down Cherry Tree Hill to the Morgan Mills, plantation windmill.
If you enjoy art, you will enjoy some of my techniques in this work.  Go ahead, follow the line of sunlit grasses from the top of the knoll into the painting. The reddish tones on the right come to an end with donkey driver who wears red trousers.  I brought the sunlight down from the right side of the work and dropped it onto the road around the donkey cart.  Cherry Tree Hill is one of Barbado's visual highlights.

size: 24x30
stretched canvas
$1,000 US

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